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Revolution Arts supports the growth of arts, creative and community based organisations and individuals through a range of initiatives designed to increase engagement, enhance recognition and further their development.

Project Management

We have a proven track record across a range of projects and activities from running workshops to developing e-learning packages, and from striking web design to organising orchestral concerts.

Working in the arts

Our experience in the arts and community sector means we are not just another design agency. We can give real depth and meaning to what we do because we understand what makes these sectors tick, why people want to get involved and how to successfully build a vibrant creative infrastructure.

The Team

Nicholas Keyworth


Nicholas has more than 30 years experience in arts, education and business development. He was artistic director of Pound Arts and Corsham Festival before becoming chief examiner for music at Trinity College London.

Michael Wilkinson


Michael is a digital strategist who has been a key leader in the digital transformation of large organisations including the Daily Telegraph and the Liberal Democrats. He is also a freelance journalist.