What we do

What can Revolution Arts do for you?

We work globally with organisations and individuals in the arts, creative and community sectors to help them grow and innovate. 

We have a proven track record across a range of projects and activities from running workshops to developing e-learning packages, and from developing digital strategies to working on your audience development.

Our experience in the arts and community sector means we are not just another design agency. We can give real depth and meaning to what we do because we understand what makes these sectors tick, why people want to get involved and how to successfully build a vibrant creative infrastructure.

Let digital drive change


Imagine if you could offer your audiences a more personalised experience online.


Rebuilding from the inside out allows you to make more money, mobilise your audience and spread your message.


See dramatic results by adopting comprehensive content, digital and audience led strategies.

  • Mobile Sales 80%
  • Website Traffic 50%
  • Conversion Rate 75%
  • Email Subscribers 60%

Build bigger audiences

Whether you want to attract more people to your events, sell more products online or grow your mailing list, we can help with our audience development programme.

Content strategy

Produce regular content to drive audience engagement with your organisation.


Provide a platform for selling tickets to events, products and downloads.

Printed design

Design beautiful printed publications to complement what you do digitally.

Social media

Engage with your audiences through effective use of social media.

Strategic planning

Get ahead with strategic planning, allowing you to look beyond today’s tasks.

Web management

Spend time thinking about your creative tasks rather than web management.